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North Kessock & District History

Killearnan Memories

Added on 21 January 2011




Do you have memories, stories and knowledge of local buildings, past and present, archaeological sites, roadways and other landscape features in and around the parish of Killearnan?

Would you like to share your memories, stories and knowledge?

Come along to one, some or all of our sessions at


on Tuesday 1st, 8th & 22nd February and 1st March 2011

10am to 12.30pm

These sessions will be an opportunity for Killearnan residents, past and present, to meet and share their memories and knowledge of, and stories about, their local built heritage, paths and roadways and archaeological sites and features, using old maps and photographs for inspiration, to provide an historical record of the parish.  Please bring along any maps, photographs, postcards or other memorabilia that could be of interest.

Refreshments will be provided and if you would like further information or help with transport please get in touch with – Sandra Bain on 01463 811273 or email: