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North Kessock & District History

Local History Spotlight


These gardens are in the grounds of Redcastle and just a five minute walk from where I live.  But now they are gone!  The castle is in ruins and the gardens have become a wilderness.  Bishop Robert Forbes in August 1762 wrote after a visit to Redcastle:

“Reidcastle is an ancient stronghold, the iron-gate still entire.  I went upon the top of the house, five stories high, and had a most beautiful prospect of a fine corn country up and down the Frith of Kessock or Bewly, which is the head of Inverness Frith, Reidcastle being close upon it, and thereby having the advantage of salmon and white fish.  Here are fine gardens declining to the sun, and abounding with fruits, apricocks,  peaches, nectarines, bonum-magnums*, etc., diversified with a den of barren wood, a rivulet running down the bottom, upon which are two corn-milns.  The kirk and manse of Reidcastle are near to the seat, which is also beautiful with two birch woods." 

*A variety of plum

The Ordnance Survey Map of 1873 shows the castle and beautifully laid out gardens.